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Tech Professionals Ltd is a specialist engineering and project support recruitment business focusing in the supply of engineers, technicians and other specialist roles working in the offshore, subsea and maritime sectors.

Tech Professionals: for the very best in technical engineering experts. Providing contract and permanent recruitment solutions for the best offshore & subsea engineers.

Our Mission

At Tech Professionals Ltd we believe that businesses work better with the right people in the right roles. It is our mission to provide technical engineering, IT and scientific companies with the best professionals in the field. We believe that the UK produces some of the best engineers in the world and it is our mission to find employment for them.

We believe that recruitment should be simple, but that often it can become time and energy consuming and ultimately costly for both recruiting firms and candidates. At Tech Professionals we make it our mission to bring the simplicity back to recruitment for electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, petrochemical and scientific engineers and technicians.

How we are different?

Tech Professionals Ltd is a young company. We are dynamic and energetic. We recognise that as a recruitment firm we have two sets of customers; the candidates and the clients. With this in mind we aim to provide bespoke solutions to both sets of customers.

We believe that when searching for the right jobs for the right people, the secrets to success are speed of response and accuracy of information. We strive to make sure that candidates are armed with all the necessary information required before submitting their CVs. We make sure that the CVs we send fit the brief that the client is looking for. And we know that in the technical engineering sectors speed is of the essence so we pull out all the stops to make sure everything that needs to happen, happens quickly. This is for the benefit of both the candidates and the client.

We recognise that the markets that we work in; Energy, Maritime, Civil Engineering and Construction, Telecoms, IT and Science, are not 9 to 5, 5 days a week, so we make sure that our consultants are available 24/7, 365.

What we do

Tech Professionals aim to make technical & engineering recruitment simple, by bringing back the personal touch.

Tech Professionals work with cutting edge technical engineering firms throughout the UK providing recruitment support for both the specialist electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, petrochemical and scientific engineers and technicians themselves, and also supporting personnel such as project teams. We provide both short term contract recruitment solutions and permanent placements.

We aim to create a personal experience for both our clients and candidates. We believe that we can only be successful in recruiting if we really understand what our candidates are looking for in their careers, both short and long term, and what kind of company culture they would fit into. We understand how important it is to find the right job, so we will take the time to really get to know our candidates to make sure they achieve their goals.

We take responsible recruitment seriously, and as such do not engage in any kind of black listing, and no fees are charged to job seekers in order to find employment for either contract or permanent roles.

Our Experience

We are founded by people who recognise that in our industry we have to get recruitment right, first time round. This knowledge has been honed over years of experience.

Tech Professionals was founded by a specialist recruitment professional with over a decade of experience. Focussing on the supply of specialist electrical and mechanical technicians and engineers working in the energy and transport industries, Tech Professionals founder brings a wealth of experience and expertise. Combined with the dynamism of a young recruitment company, this means that whether you are an engineer looking for work, or a client looking for professionals you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

At Tech Professionals Ltd we strive to gain a deep understanding of the engineering and technical vacancies that we recruit for. We believe that this allows us to really get under the skin of a requirement, which leads to us being able to place the very best professionals for the role.


We recognise that there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to the technical world so we are flexible enough to be able to work with a range of different client profiles.

Tech Professionals look to work with any firm that works in an engineering or technical environment. We are able to supply electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, petrochemical and scientific engineers and technicians. We are also able to supply project support teams such as design engineers, project managers etc. and also specialist roles such as NDT inspection personnel, rope access technicians, AUV pilots etc.

We work with organisations of any size, in both the UK and internationally. We take care to understand local employment laws and tax and social security issues to ensure that our clients have peace of mind when it comes to contract personnel.

For more information please contact us at


Whether you are looking for the next big permanent step in your career or if you are looking for ongoing contract work, if you work within the technical engineering markets and you are serious about your career then Tech Professionals is the right recruitment agency for you.

We aim to really get to know our candidates so if you're interested in working with us we encourage you to give us a call and tell us what you are looking for. Alternatively you can either go to our jobs page and apply for any of our live roles, or even just send us an email with your CV and a relevant certificates such as electrical or mechanical engineering certificates, medicals or working at height certificates etc.

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Whether drilling for oil in offshore or building wind and solar farms onshore, energy is a huge market for engineers and technicians. We supply personnel into a variety of roles from high voltage specialists to non-destructive testing (NDT) technicians. Energy is a consistently dynamic sector and this drives an ongoing need for excellent technical personnel.



The UK has the second biggest aerospace industry in the world and as such is a hub for technical engineers. We are home to some of the most well-known aerospace engineering companies. The aerospace sector is booming as is the development of the technology that supports it. Tech Professionals can supply engineers and technicians working on a variety of roles including; avionic systems, design, base maintenance, proto-type development, the development of flight components and equipment, and many other speciality areas.



Engineers are the life blood of the automotive industry. Whether working in development or design directly for the car manufacturers, or with the many smaller companies supplying parts and engineering to the industry, engineering is key to making this growing industry succeed. Tech Professionals can supply personnel working on the design, development or production of automotive vehicles. Within these areas we supply personnel working within chassis and engine systems, electrical and electronic information controls and systems, thermodynamics, aerodynamics, fluid mechanics and emission and fuel tech.

Civil Engineering, Construction

Civil Engineering, Construction

The UK is undergoing major upgrades of its civil infrastructure and as a result many technical professionals are required to take the projects to the next level. Relevant construction projects include bridges, roads, tunnels, canals and other large structures such as storage and distribution for utilities such as water, gas and electricity. At Tech Professionals we can supply positions such as building control surveyors, consulting and contracting civil engineers, site and structural engineers, quantity surveyor, environmental consultant and building services engineer and many other similar roles.



Science plays a part in all of the sectors that Tech Professionals work in and as such is a very broad term. However in the UK there is a booming market for scientific engineering roles such as research scientists, chemical engineers, biomedical, molecular and computer scientists. At Tech Professionals we work with leading scientific companies in order to recruit the very best scientific technicians and engineers.



Engineers are required to support the rail industry in a range of roles, working on a variety of components, not just involving trains and tracks but also helping to create the UK's rail network of the future.  With huge projects being carried out from the West Coast Mainline upgrade through to the construction of HS2, as well as the development and maintenance of rolling stock, technicians and engineers are in huge demand for this exciting and dynamic industry.

Current Vacancies

Deck Foreman

UK / France | TBC | Temporary

Start Date: 2nd August Duration: 1 week quarantine, 4-5 week trip - ongoing until end of year Certs Needed: Offshore Medical & Survival, Level 3 Rigging, GWO's Preferred If you are interested, please complete the form below or contact the ...

Learn more >

Deck Foreman / Tensioner Techs

Spain | TBC | Temporary

Start Date: 6th August Duration: 1 week quarantine, 4-5 week trip Certs Needed: Offshore Medical & Survival (Deck Foreman must have Level 3 Rigging) Candidates must have cable experience If you are interested, please complete the form below or contact ...

Learn more >

Pilot tech & Online Surveyor

Greece | TBC | Temporary

Start Date: 25th July Duration: Approx 5-6 weeks Certs Needed: Medical & Survival Pilot tech to have experience with SMD Systems & use of manipulators If you are interested, please complete the form below or contact the team 01295 234800 ...

Learn more >

1 X Supervisor, 2 X Pilot Tech, 1X 3.4U and 1X Online Inspection Engineer

Angola | TBC | Temporary

Start Date: 27th July Duration: 10 day in country quarantine, 6-8 week trip Certs Needed: Medical, Survival, Yellow Fever, Seaman's Book Candidates must have strong Sub Atlantic Vehicle experience If you are interested, please complete the form below or contact ...

Learn more >

Pilot Technicians

UK/Norway | TBC | Temporary

UHD Pilot Techs Required Start date: 13th, 21st & 28th July Duration: Approx 4 weeks Required certification: OGUK & BOSIET Experience with UHD

Learn more >

Trenching Technicians

Various | TBC | Temporary

Trenching Techs required for various systems Start date: July / August Duration: From 2 to 6 weeks Required certification: OGUK & BOSIET Experience with SMD systems Please contact the team to register your availability & discuss the various vacancies available

Learn more >

Subsea Engineer

USA | TBC | Temporary

Subsea Engineers Required Start date: End of July / Early August Duration: Approx 8 Weeks Certification Required: Medical & Survival

Learn more >

Seaeye Supervisors & Pilot Technicians

Various | TBC | Temporary

Seaeye Supervisors & Pilot Techs required for various systems Start date: July / August Duration: From 2 to 6 weeks Required certification: OGUK & BOSIET Experience with Seaeye Systems - Atom, Tiger, Panther, Lynx, Falcon, Cougar Please contact the team ...

Learn more >

Techs & Supervisors

Outside of UK | TBC | Temporary

Plough & Trenching Supervisors & Techs Required Start date: 8th August Duration: To Be Confirmed Required certification: Medical & Survival.

Learn more >

Supervisors & Technicians

UK / France | TBC | Temporary

Supervisors & Technicians Required Start date: 28th July Duration: Quarantine first, Approx 4-6 Weeks offshore Required certification: Medical & Survival Work Class ROV experience

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Supervisors & Pilot Technicians

Various | TBC | Temporary

Supervisors & Pilot Techs required for various systems Start date: July / August Duration: From 2 to 6 weeks Required certification: OGUK & BOSIET Experience with Workclass Systems - HD, Quasar, SMD Please contact the team to register your availability ...

Learn more >

Plough Supervisor & Technicians

France | TBC | Temporary

Plough Supervisors & Technicians  required Start date: End of July Duration: Ongoing until the end of the year, trip rotation to be agreed Plough experience required Required certification: OGUK & BOSIET, HV cert if possible

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