Front End Technical Lead

Warrington | £40,000 - £60,000 | Permanent | Job ref. JO2017087


Our client is an award-winning ecommerce consultancy for forward-thinking retailers.  Their services include; consultancy and strategy, audits and assessments, design and UX and Magento 2 development.

They are looking for a Javascript Expert with at least 4 years’ experience.

We’re looking to strengthen our team of enterprise ecommerce implementation experts. Working with leading brands, projects will range in size from 400 – 600 man days.

In order to succeed in this role you will:

  • Be attracted to the complexities involved in large implementations.
  • Recognise and appreciate the benefits of working alongside and being supported by a team of like-minded and skilled developers a
  • Want to push the boundaries of everyone’s knowledge.


  • Ecommerce is your trade and Magento Enterprise is your toolset of choice.
  • The words “site down” fill you with dread. Having worked consistently on sites with huge order volumes you recognise the financial implication of every minute of lost revenue in a multi-million (insert currency here) business. You’ll do everything you can to make sure the code isn’t at fault if outages occur.
  • Internationalisation and localisation are challenges you’ve already mastered.
  • You’re the “go to guy/gal” when everyone else hits a dead end in complex Magento debugging. You’ve yet to see something you can’t fix or identify a workaround for.
  • It pains you to see code which breaks best practice (particularly with regards to readability and performance).
  • You know the common pain points in Magento and how to work around them. You may even have developed some community modules to negate these.
  • Sometimes you realise that Magento is not the right tool for the job, you can articulate to technical and non-technical audiences why this is the case. Integrating to a third party or creating a bespoke solution is the right thing to do, obviously you can do this too.


  • HTML markup and best practice
  • PHP for theming purposes
  • CSS
    • Compilation (e.g. SASS/Less)
    • Grid systems
    • CLI Tools (e.g. Grunt, Gulp)
    • Frameworks
  • Javascript
    • Frameworks/Libraries (e.g jQuery, Angular, React)
    • OOP
    • Ajax/JSON techniques
  • UX/UI
    • Best Practice (e.g. Accessibility, Internationalisation and industry standards)
    • Responsive and Adaptive Design
  • Ability to transform designs into clean CSS and semantic markup
  • Magento
    • Developing custom Magento themes
    • Performance improvements
    • Caching
  • Design principles (e.g DRY/SOLID)
  • System Integrations (e.g. Google APi via JS)
  • Version Control (VCS)
    • Advanced usage of VCS (e.g. rebase, cherry picking)
  • HTTP Protocol
    • Cookies
    • Response codes
    • Caching
  • Performance Optimisation
    • Website Profiling
    • Asset/content optimisation
    • Browser dev tools
  • Full software lifecycle
  • Security
    • SQL Injection
    • Encryption
    • XSS
    • PCI Compliance
  • Automated testing
    • JavaScript Unit Testing
    • Browser automation (e.g Selenium)
  • Design tools (e.g. Photoshop)